The gender-neutral brand was launched in November. About Time We Met is the company’s first commercial skin care range that features Indian sandalwood oil and powder as the hero ingredient.

Indian sandalwood, or Santalum album, has historically been used as a premium ingredient in fragrance. However, in recent years, Quintis has been gathering data to show that it has various skin benefits.

For instance, it claims that Indian Sandalwood can protect against blue light and pollution, as well as reduce the signs of ageing and acne.

One of the chief reasons Quintis developed the range was to raise awareness of the many skin benefits of Indian Sandalwood.

“We know that sandalwood was used centuries ago as a skin care ingredient, but it’s now used today more in fragrance. So, we really wanted to show people how you can talk about it,”​ said Vanessa Ligovich, chief marketing officer at Quintis Sandalwood.

Speaking to CosmeticsDesign-Asia​ about a week after the launch of About Time We Met, Ligovich said the company had gleaned a lot of information in a short amount of time.

“We have learned that there is a huge interest in Sandalwood as an active ingredient amongst consumers. Everyone thinks it is a lovely scent, but people couldn’t believe it did stuff for your skin. the interest in the consumer media space has been fascinating. They’re absolutely baffled.

“We’ve now gone through the experience of creating a range and putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes. We understand how you go about creating a skin care range and what we want to show clients is how you do that with sandalwood. So, the learnings have been enormous.”


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