US-based regional chemical distributors ChemSolv and Chemisphere have announced a new joint platform for distribution services across 43 states and multiple international locations.

The new platform will operate as Integrity Partners Group (IPG) and will leverage the companies’ combined resources and years of expertise in personal care ingredient supply and distribution to offer “a full array of tailored solutions, including blending, packaging, quality testing, white-label formulations, custom logistics, repurchasing, and solvent recycling services​” to industry manufacturers and suppliers, including surfactants for product formulations, detailed a company press release on the announcement.

To learn more about Chemsolv and Chemisphere, the background behind the formation of IPG, and the platform’s potential impact on US personal care product manufacturing and supply companies, CosmeticsDesign interviewed Darren J. Birkleback, IPG’s CEO, for his insights.

CDU: Can you share some background information about ChemSolv?​ 

Darren J. Birkleback (DJB):​ ChemSolv is a US distributor of industrial chemicals, solvents, lubricants, metal working fluids, and specialty products. The company is based in Roanoke, Virginia and serves more than 1,400 customers in the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast.  

ChemSolv works with strategic suppliers and other trusted manufacturers to deliver high-quality, innovative products for beauty and personal care. 

In addition to an excellent product portfolio, ChemSolv is known for providing blending, tolling and distillation with a strong focus on the customer. The company has its own hot rooms, white rooms, and an abundance of manufacturing and storage space.  


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