Cushy is a multinational trade and business e-commerce company headquartered in London, UK. Main online commodity tax rebate, export trade. Cushy is now working with more than 100 shopping malls around the world including Dubai Mall, Central World, Jewel Changi Airport, Mall of America, The Galleria!

Under the special background of the COVID-19 outbreak, local governments have successively launched electronic tax rebate policies to stimulate the economy. At the same time, major offline shopping malls are mutually beneficial, which will help stimulate foreign consumers to purchase and boost economic development. Cushy was born in such an environment. Cushy offers the latest high-end imported clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, etc., and has opened a number of British flagship stores in high demand, with more products to choose from, buyers can find Shopping on the Cushy platform provides a more convenient and pleasant shopping experience.

Derivative business opportunities and challenges

For shopping tax rebate companies, in addition to the most basic commissions, what is more, imaginative is the derivative business opportunities. “

“The method of tax refund is very particular. For example, it can be refunded to a credit card. The tax refund rate will be higher, generally above 12%, but the credit card will take a long time to arrive, and sometimes it will not even be paid. Therefore, most tourists are more willing to choose a refund. The cash method, but the cash rebate rate is slightly lower, at 10% or lower. Consumers in many countries are now more willing to use the online transaction mode.” There are also many challenges for tax refunds on shopping. For example, taking cash directly at the counter of the tax refund company at the airport, but the handling fee is too much deducted; having to queue at the customs to knock on the stamp and then go to the tax refund counter to queue up again makes the tax refund time long and troublesome, and sometimes tourists rush. The flight will be too late to complete the tax refund procedure; if the tax refund is received by a credit card, the process is not easy to track, and the tax refund time is uncontrollable; the mail of the tax refund document is often lost, making it difficult to complete the tax refund, etc. These pain points in the tax refund process also need the industry’s attention and solutions.


As a high-tech giant, Cushy’s pursuit of technological leadership keeps pace, and Cushy is committed to redefining the retail traffic experience. The application of real-time data allows Cushy to grasp the changes in consumer demand for the first time. Cushy has formulated a commission return and resource integration plan. Merchants use Cushy’s intelligent cloud technology to find the originator of the order to increase the popularity of purchasing on the shopping platform. . Smart order matching systems enable more shoppers to buy from merchants, increasing sales and awareness. When merchants release relatively low-selling products or newly launched products on the platform, users help merchants increase product sales, increase their popularity, and earn commodity taxes and fees. In this benign transaction chain, merchants improve their ranking and sales volume. , Users can get taxes and fees by completing tasks through data. The Cushy platform extracts commissions from massive orders to add value to the company, and truly achieve the purpose of mutual benefit and win-win results.

In the long-term plan, Cushy will launch Global Express in 2025, a retail platform for global consumers. Consumers around the world can purchase products directly from manufacturers and distributors through Global Express, eliminating the middleman link.

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