Filipina sisters Ma. Jonalyn Sison-Ramos and Ma. Aileen Sison-Pacheco give the beauty industry a brighter complexion. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

WITH the pandemic entering the world last 2020, a lot of lives were challenged. Means of livelihood and businesses were also drastically affected because of the overall impact that the virus had on the people’s lifestyle. One such industry is the beauty industry that was heavily affected economically by the pandemic.

In the case of Dear Face and Skinpotions, two local beauty brands, we see proof that despite the challenges the businesses might face, a brand can still make it through with hard work, the right intentions, and maybe, a little bit of luck.

One such brand is Dear Face. Launched in November 2020, the brand started small with only two skincare sets, a facial wash and a serum. During the height of the pandemic, its CEO and founder Ma. Jonalyn Sison-Ramos, identified two major problems that people are faced with: (1) lack of source of income due to the economic effects of the global lockdown and (2) lack of self-care due to isolation and quarantine. These are the main reasons why Dear Face was born as well as the driving force of its mission and purpose. The company is dedicated to empowering people by providing main source of income through its distributorship program. It also aims to give people a form of self-care with its wide range of effective supplements and skincare products that are affordable and available to everyone.

Since its inception, the brand has gained impressive momentum, with over 1,500 local and international distributors in countries like the United States of America, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Brunei, United Kingdom, etc. Some may know its TikTok famous product — the Drunk Skin, which has sold more than 250,000 bottles to date. With the rate things are going for Dear Face, there’s no denying that this young brand’s current success is only the beginning.

Another brand with a magical touch is Skinpotions. It was founded in 2013 by sisters Ma. Jonalyn Sison-Ramos, a registered nurse by profession, and Ma. Aileen Sison-Pacheco, a former international flight attendant. Interestingly, their interest started because of Jonalyn’s personal struggle with teenage acne and her journey to finding products that worked on her skin. Apart from this, both share a common passion in helping people transform their lives and feel better about themselves through skincare and makeup.

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Skinpotions started reaching its consumers through online selling platforms. It introduced cost-effective products in varieties of soap, lotion, face cream and serum, then eventually expanded its selection, adding makeup and cosmetics to its product line. Only two years later, the brand grew to have more than 100 local distributors and some from countries like U.S.A., Italy, Japan, UAE and Australia. The company has also joined several shopping bazaars and collaboration stores in order to reach more consumers.

With the demand for products rapidly increasing around the country, especially in provinces, Skinpotions partnered with Francorp Phillipines and opened its doors to franchising. The brand then became a duly member of the Philippine Franchise Association and was able to open a number of franchise stores, expanding its scope in Luzon and Visayas. Spreading its wings even further, its CEO, Ma. Jonalyn Sison-Ramos won the 2018 Nextgen in Franchising of the International Franchise Association in Phoenix, Arizona USA.

The following year, Skinpotions collaborated with The Walt Disney Co. Philippines to launch a selection of makeup products for Disney’s live-action remake of the movie, Aladdin. Like in the movie theme song — A Whole New World — this move was truly a shining, shimmering and splendid one for the brand. Its block screening, attended by known influencers and vloggers in the country, was one of the many achievements this venture brought the company.

Skinpotions currently has over a 178,000 followers on Facebook, a reflection of its rising popularity as well as the lives it has changed through their products.

It’s definitely inspiring to see these young Filipina entrepreneurs thrive while transforming the lives of their products’ users as well as their business partners.


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