Liverpool, UK, Dec. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FM World, the perfume and cosmetics company that originated in Poland, has recently launched in both Australia and the United States following a period of significant and rapid growth across the United Kingdom.

By utilising a multi-level marketing business model that keeps traditional marketing and advertising costs relatively low compared to it’s more well-known competitors, FM World – a company best known for its range of designer quality fragrances at extremely affordable prices – has achieved unprecedented success in the UK market in recent years; compounded by the pandemic, global lockdowns, and people’s desire to earn an additional income from home.

At the height of the UK lockdown in November 2020, searches for ‘FM World’ and related terms increased significantly in search engines such as Google.

FM World perfumes and cosmetics
FM World perfumes and cosmetics

Source: Google Trends

With scientific consensus building around the likelihood of another, even more transmissible wave of the Omicron COVID-19 variant being inevitable, trend data once again suggests that we’re seeing an increase in online searches for the perfume company’s brand name ‘FM World’ and related searches such as ‘FM Perfume’ and ‘FM Fragrances’.

Based on the data, this indicates that interest in the company is once again on the rise and we could well be seeing another peak in people wanting to join the fragrance and cosmetics brand as a way of generating an additional source of stay-at-home income; particularly as people in the UK are encouraged to work from home once again and they begin to pre-empt possible further restrictions.

It’s no surprise then, that following its rapid and sustained growth across the United Kingdom, FM World has recently launched in both Australia and the United States in November and December 2021 respectively.

Australia has a population of almost 26 million people and the United States has a population of over 331 million people, meaning that while the company is still in relative infancy across these two new territories, both new markets offer significant growth opportunities for the cosmetics brand.

Based on its multi-level marketing structure – where customers are encouraged to sign up and become FM World Business Partners in order to receive discounts on the products they themselves purchase, as well as the opportunity to sell the company’s range of products to others while earning themselves – could we see FM World sweep Australia and the United States at the same pace it has done in the UK?

Only time will tell whether FM World is destined for rapid growth and success across these two new continents, but all of the surrounding circumstances – the continued pandemic, the cyclical imposition of restrictions by nations across the world, the wider societal expectation that home working is now the norm, and the desire for flexible working hours that fit around family life – all seem poised to set the scene for a work-from-home and work-your-own-hours exodus; particularly as people begin to look for additional streams of income.

One thing is certain, with FM World offering people the ability to work from their mobile phone, from wherever in the world they want, working whatever hours suit them best, all while earning an additional income, the foundations are set for rapid global growth and expansion for the company across both Australia and the United States.

About FM Fragrances

FM Fragrances are an independent FM World Distributor based in the United Kingdom.

They provide a range of FM World perfumes and cosmetics to FM World customers online, as well as training and support to FM World Business Partners within their global team of Business Partners.



FM Fragrances

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Phone: 0151-318-1594

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FM Fragrances

  • FM World Launches in Australia and the United States


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