Co-started by Paulina Kostrzycka in February 2020, NUME-Lab provides skin care items ranging from cleanser, confront cream, night time serum and eye serum.

Speaking to CosmeticsDesign-Asia​, Kostrzycka explained that the brand rode on the skinimalism​ craze:


NUME-Lab’s pores and skin care variety © NUME-Lab

We started off just about 4 several years in the past, alongside one another with my partner, since there was purely a want for cleanse and simplified pores and skin treatment. Pores and skin care can get pretty intricate, primarily the ones coming from South Korea in which you have so many levels. We see a great deal of men and women who want to have simplified, multifunctional products and solutions, so we have made the decision to start with the essential schedule.

“My spouse and I have been dwelling in Switzerland for some years. As soon as you check out to Swiss cosmetics, it is quite hard to go back again. Hence, it was incredibly all-natural for us to find the lab listed here in Switzerland and we have been quite lucky to discover a single with 1 of the finest biotechnologists.”

South East Asia enterprise

Owing to the pandemic lockdown in Switzerland, NUME-Lab diverted from its original program of growing in Europe initially:

“By the time we launch the new lab in 2020, it was complete pandemic. We needed to broaden in Europe initial then go to South East Asia. Thanks to the pandemic, we did the reverse and started out in South East Asia whilst every little thing was closed listed here [in Switzerland]. Soon after the pandemic, we did develop listed here in Europe in the Uk, France, and Poland.”

NUME-Lab is the sole distributor for its offline touchpoints in the European marketplaces, namely Switzerland, France, United Kingdom (United kingdom), and Italy. They are mainly sold at pharmacies and Sephora in the United kingdom.


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