Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. (NYSE:HLF), which released third-quarter results on October 30, has now reported three quarters of rebounding U.S. sales. This follows a collapse in U.S. sales last year as Herbalife and its distributors were forced to implement conditions of a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consent Order restricting commissions on purchases and banning deceptive promotion of the business opportunity.

In the first quarter of 2018, North American sales jumped $40 million year-over-year to $231 million; in the second quarter, sales rose $30 million to $262 million; and in the third quarter, sales jumped $48 million to $309 million.

Not only is the U.S. market no longer a drag on Herbalife’s business, but Herbalife’s CEO Rich Goudis noted during the company’s August 1 conference call that it is now setting an example for the rest of the world: “… our distributor leaders around the world have taken note of the growth in the U.S., and we are now exploring with them which tools and procedures they might want to be rolled out in their markets.”

Management talked about some of those “tools and procedures” during a day of presentations to investors in New York on October 31, but it didn’t mention the company’s new “Accumulate and Allocate” procedure. This procedure is supercharging compensation to the company’s most aggressive U.S. recruiters, and no one appears to be a bigger beneficiary of this procedure than the company’s newest Chairman’s Club members.

Herbalife’s Most Successful Distributors

On June 11, Goudis, took to Instagram to announce: “I’m very proud to introduce our newest Chairman’s Club Jorge and Disney de la Concepcion. Please join me in congratulating @fitcouple (the name the couple go by on Instagram) and the first distributors to ever achieve 140K.”

Credit: @fitcouple Instagram account

It’s hard to overstate this accomplishment. Top Herbalife distributors, who


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