Heure was launched in 2020 by Estetica Group, a Singapore-based beauty company. The firm operates a chain of beauty salons and has developed brands such as ést.lab.

The brand debuted with the Ageless range, a line-up of six products that all feature SPHR, Estetica’s proprietary encapsulated transdermal delivery system.

According to the firm, this encapsulation technology works as a ‘drone’​ targets specific areas of the skin to deliver actives where they are really needed.

“We have engineered the ​SPHR capsules with the intelligence to find its way to areas where it can work. And then, only when it reaches those areas it will trigger the release of the active ingredients and unlocks that all these marvellous things that should be working for your skin,” ​explained managing director Han Lim.

After some delays related to logistics, the company will soon be launched its sophomore line, Flawless, which targets skin pigmentation.

The new line-up, which utilises the same SPHR technology is scheduled to launch in the market early next year.

“We have never deviated from the original concept. With Flawless, we are working with active ingredients that have been in the market for a long time. The problem is getting to the right areas, which is why there are invasive procedures like lasers that target those subdermal areas,” ​Lim told CosmeticsDesign-Asia.

“We have formulated it with the most efficacious of those active ingredients. The only thing that is different, the only thing that we can claim is that we now are able to bring it to the places where it can work.”


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