Recently, the Australian outfit partnered with India-based ingredient distributor, United Descaler, to bring its range of Australian botanical cellular extracts to the local market.

This was a part of the natural progression as the firm “executes our growth strategy and broadens our global footprint”,​ said Native Extracts CEO Lisa Carroll.

Carroll told CosmeticsDesign-Asia ​that the firm was keen to tap into India’s long cultural history of relying on botanical solutions, particularly, traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Carroll revealed that the firm is set to launch a range of India-inspired plant extracts and oil infusions for “India’s brands to drive their own trends based on their botanicals.”

“It is our goal to provide India with a new look at what can be harnessed from some of their popular traditional plant extracts – giving India’s brands the opportunity to refresh existing formulation to meet the NPD (new product developments) that showcases new plant extract innovations.”

The firm’s grand ambition is to cultivate a base in India, where it can work with the local industry and help develop new products inspired by the region.

“We are working with distributors to build an India Collection that we can establish relationships directly with growers, and later build a Native Extracts hub in India. One of our goals is to create a True to Nature India Collection that reflects what India’s brands are looking for in a tool kit to showcase what is unique about their region and supplied by their region – this will also provide opportunities for our global brands to learn new species and profiles from the region to incorporate into their stories,”​ said Carroll.


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