Scodix, a provider of digital print solutions for the graphic arts industry, has tapped Ricoh USA, Inc., a digital information services provider and major print industry player, as a distributor for Scodix in the United States.
This strategic partnership will strengthen and support Scodix in its goal of expanding market presence and providing economic and sustainable embellishment solutions to a larger network of print providers.

About the Partnership

“This partnership is a deliberate step forward in providing maximum value to our customers, empowering them to increase the worth of their printed products,” says Gavin Jordan-Smith, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Head of Global Sales Strategy Division & RICOH Graphic Communications North America Sales, RICOH Graphic Communications. “Including Scodix embellishment solutions within our portfolio supports our competitive approach, delivering applications to the market that can catapult printers in their quest for competitive differentiation and heightened brand awareness.”
Scodix offers a variety of tools that enable brands to achieve a high level of luxury and customization in their print products and packaging. With an extensive range of embellishment options, including Smart High Definition (SHD) quality, and independently verified sustainability practices, Scodix has the capability to enhance the consumer experience, while also providing measurable economic and environmental benefits.

“Ricoh has a stellar reputation of understanding market needs in the graphic communications space, making them a perfect partner for Scodix,” said Mark Nixon, EVP Global Sales & Marketing at Scodix. “This collaboration allows us to work together to meet customer needs and create a portfolio that stands out with the goal of increasing profits through embellishment.”
With 90% of commercial printers anticipating that embellishment will play a vital role in their digital print growth strategies, Scodix’ Ultra series of digital presses presents an opportunity for both in-plant and commercial print operations including book publishers, direct mail printers, prototypers, trade finishers, packaging and folding carton printers.
The Scodix range of digital enhancement solutions aligns with Ricoh’s award-winning sheet-fed digital press portfolio. This ensures that adding Scodix to a Ricoh digital press delivers top-quality embellishments for high-end luxury prints designed to captivate attention, bolster commercial print profits, and rival both the economics and quality of conventional methods.


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