The Brand Book – dubbed ‘trade without the show’ has fast became the go-to digital hub to unite
beauty and wellness brands with suitable global retailers and distribution channels

Showcasing new,
indie and well-established brands from all over the world, it not only gave exposure to niche and
developed beauty brands, but assisted buyers in building and expanding their categories. It was the
perfect online match.

Well-known retailers and etailers such as Boots, Amazon, The Hut Group, Feel Unique, Space NK,
Holland&Barrett, Superdrug, Content Beauty and Liberty joined at launch, and so successful was the
business model, that 9 months post-launch, Beauty Bulb introduced two additional platforms – The
Brand Book Europe and The Brand Book Rest of World – making the concept truly far reaching and
global. Now boasting 250 (and rising) of the world’s most wanted retail and distribution partners in
the beauty and wellness space, including Watsons, Zalando, Amazon USA, JC Penny, Clicks, CO
Bigelow, QVC and Marionnaud, the platforms have transformed the way many brands do business in
an evolving climate. Not only that, The Brand Book is unique. It’s the only global beauty focused
digital tradeshow, and the only digital destination that opens up opportunities in every sales channel
within the beauty world, including retail, etail, distributors, social selling apps, home shopping and
travel retail.

The Brand Book continues to find itself in a strong first-mover position. Establishing a solid brand
recognition in a year, all three platforms have not only onboarded the best of global retail, helping
both brands and buyers supercharge sales growth, but they have employed a human team who work
with a targeted approach at a granular level, connecting their brand partners to suitable retail and
distribution partners daily. Not to be confused with a marketplace, the underpinning of The Brand
Book centres around a beauty-centric team with unrivalled expertise in the industry.

Performing like a physical tradeshow, The Brand Book not only exists to make direct introductions,
but takes a further leap than its physical counterparts in allowing everyone to have access all year
round, in an affordable way. It’s super-simple and environmentally better, plus the team are pretty
untouchable in terms of their insider knowledge and industry contacts. It’s the best-in-class where
digital meets IRL, and in an era of agility, hyper-engagement and authenticity, it makes for a blended
experience that works.

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