Recently, the Journal of Beauty Dermatology posted the final results of an exploratory demo into the anti-growing older positive aspects of the probiotic bacteria Lactiplantibacillus plantarum ​and its efficacy in topical beauty apps. The review, which is the 1st of its variety, has made encouraging results supporting the assertion that probiotics can efficiently be formulated for topical application.

Historically, a person of the crucial troubles to bringing probiotics topical items to the mass sector has been the formulation’s steadiness, which till now has required cold storage to warranty stated shelf life. This breakthrough analyze on lactic acid bacteria has the opportunity to revolutionize the item sector by solving this trouble and presenting buyers obtain to a new class of bioactives.

To study much more about the study’s results and commercialization plans to provide the new topical formulation to the mass marketplace, CosmeticsDesign spoke with the study’s writer, Søren Kjærulff, Ph.D., CSO. His priceless perception emphasizes the relevance of this scientific analyze and the research’s likely impact on the cosmetics and private elegance care industries. 

The research and its conclusions

To best comprehend the study’s findings, it is paramount to realize probiotics and their position in topical cosmetics product applications. As described for the review, “probiotics comprise dwell microbes that can go on dwelling on the pores and skin and developing peptides and metabolites effective for problematic and nutritious pores and skin,” ​Kjærulff spelled out. “Probiotics also protected the ideal pH of the skin.” 


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